Nina Hartley Fleshlight Girl

Nina Hartley Fleshlight Girl




This product is out of production but is still available while supplies last.

Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley Fleshlight

Are you a admirer of Nina Hartley? Ever wished to have sex with her? Odds are that is certainly not going to take place, but with the Nina Hartley Fleshlight, you can get very near! Fleshlight, the makers of the best selling male masturbator sex toy, invited Nina Hartley to their studio and cast her vagina, and designed it into their excellent Fleshlight toys!

Fleshlight has launched three different Nina Hartley Fleshlights. Three different ones with her pussy opening. Your first choice is the Nina Hartley Lotus Fleshlight. Your other option is her signature Fleshight, the Nina Hartley Cougar Fleshlight. If you’d prefer to get an amazingly tight fuck, you can choose the Nina Hartley Mini-Lotus Fleshlight. Now I am sure some of you out there are having a difficult time determining which of these you would like. Well, you’re in luck! By picking out the Fleshlight Girls Orgy deal you can get any two of the Nina Hartley Fleshlights and save yourself some cash.
On this website, you will find additional details about the three Nina Hartley Fleshlights that are offered.

Nina Hartley Cougar Fleshlight




Nina Hartley Cougar Fleshlight


No matter if it’s the awesome sidewalls filled with pleasurable and smooth enhanced discs or the series of numerous micro-bumps that will move you into an extreme orgasm, this is one texture that can only be summed up as legendary. It wasn’t simple developing a signature texture as legendary as Nina herself, but Fleshlight did it. The outcome is sure to stun your senses from all perspectives.

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Collector's Corner

English: Nina Hartley at 1999 CES Show

English: Nina Hartley at 1999 CES Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following Fleshlights are no longer offered.

Nina Hartley Lotus Fleshlight

NINA HARTLEY Lotus Fleshlight




Nina Hartley Mini-Lotus Fleshlight

NINA HARTLEY Mini-Lotus Fleshlight


Nina Hartley Mini-Lotus Fleshlight

Nina Hartley Fleshlight comes in a Fleshlight Girl case exactly like the other models. It’s not a cheap sex toy in anyway but it’s build to last a period of time if you take good care of it. Nina Hartley Fleshlight comes with a special inner texture referred to as the Mini-Lotus. Nina Hartley is very small so I guess it’s fitting that they custom-made a “smaller” Fleshlight for her. The inner sleeve of a Fleshlight is about 10 inches in length which means that only 15% of the men who masturbates with it gets to the end of the regular Lotus texture. They have made the mini version of the Lotus more compact to guys smaller then 10 inches gets to enjoy the entire thing. Even if you’re only 4-5 inches big you still get to feel all the different nodes and canals inside Nina Hartley Mini Lotus Fleshlight. The vagina orifice of the Fleshlight is an actual mold of Nina Hartley pussy. They got it down to each little detail, it’s a 100% replica of Nina Hartley. The Mini Lotus is totally smooth on the inside which is great for those of you that like to make love for a longer time of time. Your dick won’t get worn out even after 30 minutes of rapping with this Fleshlight. It’s very hard to spell out how it feels when you fuck Nina Hartley ’s Mini Lotus. You kinda have to go through it yourself and even then it’s still very subjective. NINA HARTLEY FleshlightThere are a few things that holds true for all of the Fleshlights I have tried to this point. They are VERY soft, it does not feel like latex or rubber, it really feels like skin. After you’ve heated up the sleeve with warm water it feels amazing nice when you go inside of it. It doesn’t quite feel like a real vagina but it doesn’t feel like anything else I have experienced either so maybe there are women who’s inside feels like this. All I know is that I loved this model and I pretty much every orgasm & climax inside of Nina Hartley ’s Mini-Lotus have been remarkable.

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Nina Hartley Lotus Fleshlight

While each Fleshlight Girl has their own signature texture, each of the Fleshlight Girls is also available with the Lotus Texture. The Nina Hartley Lotus Fleshlight was designed to be the ultimate simulation of vaginal sex on the market today. The Lotus was designed to mimic the feelings of an actual woman’s vagina. NINA HARTLEY flOn the outside of the Nina Hartley Lotus Fleshlight you’ll find a perfect replica of Nina Hartley’s pussy. On the inside, once you slip your cock into Nina Hartley’s pussy you’ll encounter a smooth, ultra tight canal. After an inch or two, the tight canal opens up to a slightly larger canal. From there you will pass through a Lotus node and then the Lotus finishes with four pleasure chambers.
While no sex toy is ever going to be as good as the real thing, the Nina Hartley Lotus Fleshlight does a commendable job of simulating actual intercourse. Let’s face it, none of us are ever going to get to fuck Nina Hartley. With the combination of a perfect replica of Nina Hartley’s pussy and the highly realistic Lotus texture, this is as close as any of us mere mortals are going to get to fucking Nina Hartley.
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