Misty Stone Fleshlight Girl

Misty Stone Fleshlight Girl

Misty Stone

Misty Stone Fleshlight

Fleshlight has ultimately done it! They’ve included an African American girl to their Fleshight Girls collection. The girl with that recognition is the hot Misty Stone. Fleshlight presented Misty the full remedy. When they introduced Misty Stone into their parlors they cast her pussy, her rear end and her lips. There are five Misty Stone Fleshlights to decide on in total.


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Your five choices with Misty Stone are as the following. If you pick Misty’s pussy, you have three distinct possibilities. Your initial choice is the Misty Stone Lotus Fleshlight. The Lotus is offered on all of the various Fleshlight Girls. Your other options, if you pick out Misty’s pussy, are Misty Stone Mini-Lotus and her trademark Fleshlight, the Misty Stone Bump N Grind Fleshlight. The Bump N Grind is exclusive to Misty Stone and is only offered with her. Your two other possibilities are her butt or her lips. If you decide on Misty’s bum, you get the Misty Stone Forbidden Fleshlight. If you choose Misty’s lips, you get the Misty Stone Swallow Fleshlight. I must note that while all of the other Fleshlight Girls are made in caucasian skin color, the Misty Stone Fleshlights come in an African American skin tone. Picking out just one of the Misty Stone Fleshlights can be tough. Fortunately, Fleshlight has their Fleshlight Girls Orgy where you can decide on any two Fleshlights and save some cash. On this site you will find details about the five various Misty Stone Fleshlights.

Misty Stone Bump N Grind Fleshlight Misty Stone bump Fleshlight



Misty Stone Lotus Fleshlight Misty Stone Lotus Fleshlight




Misty Stone Forbidden Fleshlight Misty Stone Forbidden Fleshlight



Misty Stone Swallow Fleshlight Misty Stone Swallow Fleshlight



Misty Stone Mini-Lotus Fleshlight Misty Stone Mini-Lotus Fleshlight

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Misty Stone Lotus Fleshlight

If you decide on Misty Stone’s pussy, your other choice is the Misty Stone Lotus Fleshlight. The Lotus texture was developed to be the best simulation of vaginal sex in a sex toy ever. Created to imitate the feel of a real pussy, the Lotus feels fantastic. Although the Bump N Grind is great enjoyment and feels wonderful, it’s not a very authentic experience. The Misty Stone Lotus Fleshlight on the other hand is really genuine. It’s certainly not going to be as great as the actual thing, but it’s about as near as you’re likely to get.   The Misty Stone Lotus Fleshlight begins with a great duplicate of Misty’s vagina lips. Misty Stone Lotus Fleshlight

Once you slide inside, there is a sleek super snug canal which leads into a broader canal. From there you move through a lotus node and into the four joy chambers at the end. If you want a authentic experience banging Misty Stone, then the Misty Stone Lotus Fleshlight is for you! From the fantastic reproduction of Misty’s vagina to the super realistic Lotus texture, this is as close as you’re possibly ever going to get to fucking Misty Stone.

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Misty Stone Forbidden Fleshlight

I fucking Misty Stone in the ass something you’d love to do? With the Misty Stone Forbidden Fleshlight, you can! Cast straight off of Misty’s butt, the Misty Stone Forbidden Fleshlight is a exact duplicate of her lovely little rear end. Once you slide your prick past her asshole, you’ll a taiste of the Forbidden texture.

Misty Stone Forbidden Fleshlight


The Forbidden texture was developed to imitate the sensations of anal sex. As you enter, you’ll come across an super snug, smooth passageway. That leads into a small, ribbed part and the Forbidden ends with a wavy canal that will stimulate you like you wouldn’t imagine.     Anal sex lovers out there, are going to lovethe Misty Stone Forbidden Fleshlight. It’s just so hot looking down and seeing Misty’s tiny asshole swallowing your penis and then feeling the Forbidden texture performing it’s wonder on you. Greatest of all, it’s constantly prepared and eager to get screwed in the rear end!

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Misty Stone Bump N Grind Fleshlight

Misty Stone obtained her personal signature texture just like all of the Fleshlight Girls. Misty’s trademark texture is known as Bump N Grind and it’s a great one. The Bump N Grind is only offered if you choose Misty’s pussy. The Bump N Grind is a collection of several of Fleshlight’s most favorite models put together into one super Fleshlight. On the exterior of the Bump N Grind is a fantastic duplicate of Misty Stone’s pussy. Cast straight off her body, it looks exactly like the real thing. Once you slide in, you will enter in three rows of alternating ribs and bumps. From there you will get into a chamber loaded with the amazing Vortex texture. This pattern repeats again with another row of alternating bumps and ridges and another Vortex chamber.

The Bump N Grind ends with a row of soft bumps. This is a amazing combination and feels absolutely divine. The Misty Stone Bump N Grind Fleshlight is awesome; you’re going to love it. It’s so hot looking down and viewing Misty’s vagina wrapped around you and feeling the outrageous feelings of the Bump N Grind doing the job on your penis. This is one Fleshlight you don’t want to miss out on.

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Misty Stone Mini-Lotus Fleshlight

Misty Stone Fleshlight comes in a Fleshlight Girl case similar to the other models. It’s not a cheap sex toy by any stretch, and it’s built to last a stretch of time if you take good care of it. Misty Stone Fleshlight comes with a special inner texture known as the Mini-Lotus. Misty Stone is small, so I guess it’s fitting that they offer a “smaller” Fleshlight for her. The inner sleeve of a Fleshlight is about 10 inches in length which means that only 15% of the men who masturbates with it gets to the end of the regular Lotus texture. They have made the mini version of the Lotus more compact to guys smaller then 10 inches gets to enjoy the entire thing. Even if you’re only 4-5 inches big you still get to feel all the different nodes and canals inside Misty Stone  Mini Lotus Fleshlight. The vagina orifice of the Fleshlight is an actual cast of Misty Stone  pussy. They got it down to just about every component, it’s a 100% replica of lil Misty Stone . The Mini Lotus is perfectly smooth on the inside which is great for those of you that like to make love for for a longer time of time. Your dick won’t get worn out even after 30 minutes of fapping with this Fleshlight. It’s very hard to explain how it feels when you fuck Misty Stone ’s Mini Lotus. You somewhat have to experience it yourself and even then it’s still very subjective. There are a couple of things that holds true for all of the Fleshlights I have tried at this point. They are VERY soft, it does not feel like latex or rubber, it actually feels like skin. After you’ve heated up the sleeve with warm water it feels incredible nice when you go inside of it. It doesn’t quite feel like a real vagina but it doesn’t feel like anything else I have experienced either so maybe there are women who’s inside feels just as this. All I know is that I loved this model and each single orgasm & climax inside of Misty Stone ’s Mini-Lotus have been extraordinary.

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Misty Stone Swallow Fleshlight

Would you like to feel Misty Stone’s delicious mouth wrapped around your penis? You can with the Misty Stone Swallow Fleshlight! Cast straight off of Misty’s lips, the Misty Stone Swallow Fleshlight looks accurately like the actual element. Not only does it look like the actual thing, it feels really close too! The Swallow texture was created to imitate the feelings of a blow job. Once you slide your cock past Misty’s mouth, you’ll slip into a slightly snug, sleek canal. From there, you will reach a row of teeth-like bumps which leads into a channel packed with the Very Ribbed texture. Midway in, you’ll hit the rear of the throat and from there you’ll enter a smooth, super small canal. The Misty Stone Swallow Fleshlight is Wow! You will just enjoy looking down and seeing Misty’s pouty mouth wrapped around your dick and watching Misty Stone as she swallows you down her throat. Not only will it look hot, it will feel fantastic too, thanks to the amazing Swallow texture.

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