Lisa Ann Fleshlight Girl

Lisa Ann Fleshlight Girl

Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann Fleshlight

Lisa Ann‘s Fleshlight has finally arrived! Lisa Ann has been around for some time now, but now days, she’s best recognized for her appearance in the movie “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?” where she takes the role of Sarah Palin. Lisa Ann received the complete Fleshlight treatment. Fleshlight invited her in their shops where they created a cast of her vagina, her ass and her lips. Overall, there are 4 Lisa Ann Fleshlights to decide on!



By choosing Lisa Ann’s vagina, you’ll have two choices. The initial option is the Lisa Ann Lotus Fleshlight. The Lotus texture is offered with all of the other Fleshlight Girls too. The next choice, if you decide on her pussy, is the Lisa Ann Barracuda Fleshlight. The Barracuda is Lisa Ann’s trademark texture and is exclusive to her. If you opt for Lisa Ann’s ass, you will get the Lisa Ann Forbidden Fleshlight. If you pick Lisa Ann’s mouth, you get the Lisa Ann Swallow Fleshlight. There’s Fleshlight’s Fleshlight Girls Orgy deal, if you want more than one of the Lisa Ann Fleshlights. You can choose any two of Lisa Ann’s Fleshlights and save money! You will find information about the four different Lisa Ann Fleshlights on this site.

Lisa Ann Barracuda Fleshlight

All the Fleshlight Girls have their unique signature texture that is exclusive to them. Lisa Ann’s trademark texture is known as Barracuda and it’s fantastic. On the exterior of the Lisa Ann Barracuda Fleshlight, you have a great duplicate of Lisa Ann’s vagina. When you slide your tool inside, you are going to be met with a chamber filled with frontward facing bristles. From there you will cross a somewhat tight passage which goes into the last area which is covered with back facing bristles. The feelings generated by these bristles is divine and will easily take you to your knees. If an extreme wild ride that will generate some incredible orgasms and keep you returning for more is what you seek, then the Lisa Ann Barracuda Fleshlight is what will get you off. This Fleshlight is intensive and will really make your cock explode! Get your Lisa Ann Barracuda Fleshlight Here NOW!!

Lisa Ann Mini Lotus Fleshlight

Lisa Ann Fleshlight comes in a Fleshlight Girl case for example the other models. It’s not a cheap sex toy in anyway but it’s build to last a period of time if you take good care of it. Lisa Ann Fleshlight comes with a special inner texture is referred to as the Mini-Lotus. Lisa Ann  is very small so I guess it’s fitting that they custom a “smaller” Fleshlight for her. The inner sleeve of a Fleshlight is about 10 inches in length which means that only 15% of the men who masturbates with it gets to the end of the regular Lotus texture. They have made the mini version of the Lotus more compact to guys smaller then 10 inches gets to enjoy the entire thing. Even if you’re only 4-5 inches big you still get to feel all the different nodes and canals inside Lisa Ann Mini Lotus Fleshlight. The vagina orifice of the Fleshlight is an actual mold of Lisa Ann pussy. They got it down to every last detail, it’s a 100% replica of  Lisa Ann . The Mini Lotus is fully smooth on the inside which is great for those of you that like to make love for longer periods of time. Your dick won’t get worn out even after 30 minutes of playing with this Fleshlight. It’s very hard to illustrate how it feels when you fuck Lisa Ann ’s Mini Lotus. You somewhat have to go through it yourself and even then it’s still very subjective. There are a few things that holds true for all of the Fleshlights I have tried to this point. They are VERY soft, it does not feel like latex or rubber, it really feels like skin. After you’ve heated up the sleeve with warm water it feels unbelievable nice when you go inside of it. It doesn’t quite feel like a real vagina but it doesn’t feel like anything else I have experienced either so maybe there are women who’s inside feels very similar to this. All I know is that I loved this model and I every single orgasm & climax inside of Lisa Ann ’s Mini-Lotus have been incredible. Buy your Lisa Ann Mini-Lotus Fleshlight Here NOW!!!   lisa_13909271510815

Lisa Ann Lotus Fleshlight

Lisa Ann Fleshlight, Like all of the Fleshlight Girls, is available  with the Lotus texture. Fleshlight planned to create the most genuine simulator of vaginal sex achievable with the Lotus texture. While definitely not as great as the actual thing, the Lotus does a respectable job of replicating real sex with a woman. Although the Lisa Ann Barracuda Fleshlight is a crazy exiting adventure, it’s not meant to feel like a vagina. If you’re looking to have a realistic cock to pussy sex with your Lisa Ann Fleshlight, then the Lisa Ann Lotus Fleshlight is the what you need. Lisa Ann Lotus     The Lisa Ann Lotus Fleshlight is fantastic. It’s a wonderful blend of realism with the beautifully molded Lisa Ann pussy joined with the Lotus texture. It’s the closest you’re going to get to fucking Lisa Ann. Buy your Lisa Ann Lotus Fleshlight Here NOW!!! PinkCherry Sex Toys

Lisa Ann Forbidden Fleshlight

Is sticking your dick in a porn star something you’d love to do? How would you like to fuck Lisa Ann in the ass? If that seems great, then the Lisa Ann Forbidden Fleshlight is what you need! The Lisa Ann Forbidden Fleshlight was created to simulate the sensations of anal sexual intercourse and it feels fantastic. Slide your cock inside a fantastic reproduction of Lisa Ann’s ass and then feel the firmness of the Forbidden texture contract down around you. As you slide in even more, feel the micro-ribs tickle you just before you drive into the last corkscrew-like stage. Forbidden     The Lisa Ann Forbidden Fleshlight is sure to satisfy any lover of ass fucking. Finally satisfy all those anal dreams you have. Best of all, your Lisa Ann Forbidden Fleshlight will constantly be eager and ready for some ass bumping. Get your Lisa Ann Forbidden Fleshlight Here NOW!!! lisaann

Lisa Ann Swallow Fleshlight

Is getting a blow jobs something you go for? What if Lisa Ann’s lips wrapped around your cock would get you going. The Lisa Ann Swallow Fleshlight is definitely for you. The Swallow texture was created to imitate the sensation of oral sex and does a excellent job of doing so. As soon as you slide your dick past Lisa’s lips, you’ll move into a slightly tight opening. From there a row of teeth-like nubs will softly tease you before you slide into a chamber loaded with the Super Ribbed feel. From there you’ll hit the rear of the throat and ultimately slip into a super snug channel. The feelings are awesome and will have you cumming in Lisa Ann’s mouth real quick. Lisa ann swallow       Lisa Ann’s Swallow Fleshlight will please all of your oral sex desires. You’ll be impressed by how awesome it feels. Seeing those lips wrapped around your cock as you get the Swallow texture work your cock. Now that’s incredibly hot. Get your Lisa Ann Swallow Fleshlight Here Now!!! [wpu_silo excerpt=’true’ links=’10’]